Brand Guide

The Saving Homes Look & Feel

The Saving Homes Brand Manual is an essential resource for those crafting art or copy, offering a comprehensive guide to maintain a consistent and impactful representation of the organization. Through meticulously outlined sections covering brand vision, logotype variations, color palettes, typography, and applications, the manual ensures a unified visual identity. Users are equipped with the tools to effectively communicate Saving Homes' empathetic and trustworthy brand image, aligning with the organization's mission of preventing foreclosures and providing stability to families facing housing crises.

Summary of Colors, Fonts, and Feels:

  • Colors:

    • Warm and empathetic tones:
      • Peach: Pantone 488 C, HEX #FFBDAB, RGB 255, 189, 171
      • Salmon: Pantone 7611 C, HEX #E9C1B6, RGB 233, 193, 182
    • Grounded and trustworthy tones:
      • Gray (Dark Silver): Pantone 431 C, HEX #677285, RGB 103, 114, 133
      • Navy (Dark Navy): Pantone 432 C, HEX #303D4A, RGB 48, 61, 74
      • UI Deep Navy: Pantone 433 C, HEX #181F26, RGB 24, 31, 38
  • Fonts:

    • Primary Font: Recoleta for headings, exuding warmth and connection
    • Secondary Font: DM Sans for body text, offering modern relevance
  • Feel:

    • Empathy and warmth conveyed through peach and salmon hues
    • Trustworthiness established by the grounded grays and navy
    • Seriousness balanced with approachability for effective communication of the mission