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Foreclosure Pending - Family Of 6 With No Options

Save a Childhood Home from Foreclosure: Imagine the heartache of being forced to leave the home you grew up in. This is the reality for a family of six, as they face the threat of foreclosure

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Family stands to lose $134,000 in equity if the bank forecloses 

In our community, a family faces the heartbreak of potentially losing a home that is more than just a structure; it's a repository of memories, where Angie's husband spent his childhood. Despite Angie's tireless efforts, working full-time at Amazon and venturing into real estate, financial hardships, a significant second mortgage, and opaque loan modification processes threaten to strip them of this cherished home. The family's struggle is emblematic of the broader challenges many face with financial institutions, a journey fraught with confusion and a dire need for transparency.

Hope emerges through Saving Homes, a beacon offering support by accepting donations to prevent foreclosure. This initiative underscores the power of community solidarity, inviting us to contribute to a cause that transcends monetary value—it's about preserving a family's legacy and the home that holds their heart. Let's unite to keep Angie's family home, a symbol of resilience and love, secure. Your generosity can help safeguard a precious piece of their history, ensuring that the home where memories were made and dreams were born remains with the family that cherishes it.

Family has ability to keep payments current once the back payments are caught up.

• Bank Foreclosing: Wells Fargo
• Years Owned: 15
• Value: $234,00
• Debt: $100,000 
• Equity $134,000

We pool together donations and use the funds to stop the foreclosure by making up the homeowners backpayments.

Your donation goes to the family most in need.