The Saving Homes Mission

Together We Are Saving Homes, Lives & More

The housing crisis in America is intensifying, with foreclosures forcing families into homeless shelters and an economic outlook that remains uncertain. This instability hits hardest at home, affecting countless families and children. Saving Homes was established to tackle this crisis head-on. Here’s the story behind our charity and its founder, Ross Hamilton.

Ross Hamilton’s journey into real estate began at the age of 18. He flipped houses while attending college, gaining firsthand experience in the market and witnessing the struggles faced by families on the brink of foreclosure. After building a successful real estate portfolio, Ross founded Connected Investors, a platform that became the largest network for real estate investors and private lenders. The success of Connected Investors, which he sold to First American Title in 2021, provided Ross with the means to fulfill a promise he made to himself: to give back to the community in a significant way.

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The Crisis: The housing market in 2024 is fraught with challenges. Over 30,000 foreclosures were filed in March of 2024 alone. Unlike the previous recession, many of these families are able to sell their house prior to the foreclosure date. However, this does not solve their problem. Those motivated to sell are often getting far less than retail.

The bigger problem, these families can not find another home. Landlords don't like to rent to those with a foreclosure on their record, and average rents are often two or three times what their mortgage payment was.

Founding Saving Homes

Motivated by a deep commitment to give back, Ross founded the Saving Homes non-profit dedicated to preventing foreclosure and addressing housing instability. The organization leverages real estate investment strategies to keep funds moving, not for profit, but to support families in dire need. By offering point and interest-free monetary support and personalized financial counseling, Saving Homes provides immediate relief and long-term security for those facing foreclosure.

High inflation and recession fears have made it difficult for many to keep up with mortgage payments. Housing affordability is keeping many potential homebuyers on the sidelines and increasing demand for rental properties. This crisis has left thousands of families vulnerable to losing their homes, creating a dire need for innovative solutions.

The Impact on Children

Housing instability has profound effects on children. Research shows that unstable housing can severely impact a child’s physical, social, and emotional development. Children in unstable housing situations are more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, and behavioral issues. 

Children often face interruptions in their education, which can lead to lower academic achievement and long-term negative outcomes. Stable housing is crucial for providing children with the security they need to thrive and succeed in life.

Our Mission and Approach

At Saving Homes, we identify families in urgent need and assess their situations to create tailored plans that secure their homes and stabilize their futures. Our process is transparent and effective, much like a GoFundMe for housing stability. Donations are pooled together and strategically invested to ensure every dollar makes a significant impact, transforming lives and building stronger communities.

The Generation Donation

Supporting Saving Homes with your time, money, or influence creates a profound impact that resonates across multiple families and generations of homeowners. Your generosity has the power to provide lasting benefits, ensuring that families are supported for many generations to come.

Here Is How Donations Live On: It starts with Saving Homes pooling together donations from people like you. 

How it Works Final

Donations possess the remarkable ability to provide continuous support to families, generation after generation!

The Power of Community

Ross knew that to make a lasting impact, he couldn’t do it alone. He assembled a team of dedicated professionals, including a team of some of the most successful real estate investors and executives in the nation that want to give back. Their collective expertise and passion drive the mission forward. However, we also need the support of more compassionate individuals who believe in the power of home.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Housing instability affects real people with real stories. By joining Saving Homes, you can help transform lives and build stronger communities. Whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading awareness, your involvement is crucial. Together, we can provide stability for families and a brighter future for America's children.

Saving Homes was born from a promise to help those in need and a commitment to address the housing crisis with innovative solutions. We invite you to join us in this mission and make a lasting impact on the lives of countless families.

Every week there are families about to lose their home to foreclosure. Make your donation here.