Save a Child’s Home from Foreclosure

You can keep a single-parent family in their home, and change their future.

A non-profit 501(c). All contributions are tax-deductible.

Why Help Save a Family’s Home?

Foreclosure is the fast track to homelessness.

When a parent is foreclosed on, their credit is destroyed for at least seven years. They can't buy a new home, landlords often won't rent to them, and even employers may not hire them. Children that experience eviction have a much higher rate of becoming homeless, turning to juvenile crime and drugs, and dropping out of school.

One donation can help dozens of families.

When you donate your time, money, or influence, the effects echo through multiple generations. In many cases, the funds utilized are eventually repaid when the property is sold in the future. This cycle of support ensures that your generosity not only provides immediate relief but also creates a sustainable legacy, enabling us to continue helping families in need in the long run.

You can help save their home, and save their futures.

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Our Mission

The mission of Saving Homes is to prevent foreclosures on the homes of children, and help their parent(s) permanently overcome their financial challenges so they can provide a safe, secure, and stable home. We combine creative innovation, new financial and tech solutions, and neighborly generosity together to help save the homes and futures of families facing foreclosure.

Our Goals in 2024

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How One Donation Can Save Homes for Generations to Come

Donations Received

Saving Homes collects tax-deductible donations from caring people like you.

Single Parents Facing Foreclosure Apply

Single parents answer a few quick questions and a Saving Homes guide reaches out to them.

Free 0% Interest Loan Secured!

Saving Homes stops the foreclosure & establishes a 0% no-payment lien on their property directly with the bank.

Financial Counseling & Guidance

We provide comprehensive financial counseling and guidance to empower families in making informed decisions and securing a stable future.

Pay It Forward

If they sell the property or refinance, the money is paid back to Saving Homes to help the next family. This means your donation today will help people for years to come.

Make a Life-Changing Difference Today

Your donation can save a home and transform a family’s future.
Join us in our mission to provide stability and offer a fresh start for families in need! Even a $5 donation can make an everlasting difference to an American family.

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