Get Up to $25,000 from a Charity to Save Your Family’s Home

No Credit Check Required

How We Save Your Home

Donations Received

Saving Homes collects tax-deductible donations from caring people.

Parents Facing Foreclosure Apply

Parents answer the few quick questions above and a Saving Homes guide reaches out to them.

Free 0% Interest Loan Secured!

For those who qualify, Saving Homes steps in to stop foreclosure and creates a 0% no-payment lien on their property.

Financial Counseling & Guidance

You receive support and guidance to help ensure that you do not experience another foreclosure.

Pay It Forward

When you sell or refinance, the donations are repaid to Saving Homes to assist the next family. There is no specific timeline or pressure to sell!

Frequently Asked Questions


Although our main emphasis and the bulk of our donations are directed toward assisting single parents and families, we are open to helping any homeowner facing foreclosure.

Our primary focus is on homes in North Carolina with children, valued at less than $350,000. However, we also have funds designated for properties outside of NC. Click the apply button above, answer a few questions, and a specialist will contact you.

We don't actively prevent foreclosure on second homes, but for those seeking help to save a second home, we can facilitate introductions to our partner organizations.

There are options available outside of the charity. We will connect you with resources that can provide you solutions.

How It Works

Just like a mortgage, a lien is placed on the property, but there's no interest or payments. When you choose to sell or refinance in the future, the donation goes back to Saving Homes allowing us to help the next family!

In the distant future when you decide to sell or refinance your home. The funds used to rescue the home are given back to Saving Homes allowing us to save another families home. There's no rush or timeline set by Saving Homes, allowing for flexibility.

 There is absolutely no pressure for homeowners to sell a home that has been saved. You maintain full rights to your homes and can make choices such as keeping, selling, renting, and more.

To qualify, we do not check your credit score.

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