The Generation Donation

How Your Donation Works

Saving Homes pools together donations from people like you to stop a pending foreclosure. In the future, donations are retuned to Saving Homes, allowing us to rescue another family!

This cycle enables the repeated use of donations to assist multiple families for many generations

Frequently Asked Questions

A Generation Donation, as introduced by Saving Homes, is a sustainable, innovative method of continuous charitable support. Donors contribute to a pooled fund used by Saving Homes to pay banks directly, preventing families from losing their homes. The key feature of this model is its self-replenishing nature: when a homeowner refinances or sells their property, the initial donation is returned to Saving Homes. This cycle enables the repeated use of donations to assist multiple families over time.

Just like a mortgage, a lien is placed on the property, but there's no interest or payments. When the homeowner chooses to sell or refinance in the future, the donation goes back to Saving Homes!  This ensures that the help your donation provides continues to reach and assist many people.

After the property is sold or refinanced, the funds used to rescue the home are given back to Saving Homes. There's no rush or timeline set by Saving Homes, allowing for flexibility.

Although our main emphasis and the bulk of our donations are directed toward assisting single parents, we are open to helping any homeowner facing foreclosure.

We don't actively prevent foreclosure on second homes, but for those seeking help to save a second home, we can facilitate introductions to our partner organizations.

Saving Homes doesn't save a person's home for a second time. We stay closely connected with those we support. If they encounter payment difficulties, we proactively aid them in making arrangements for a seamless transition to a different home.

Our primary emphasis is on North Carolina. Unless stated otherwise, all donated funds are earmarked for properties in NC valued at less than $350,000. We are progressively expanding to include other states

There is absolutely no pressure for homeowners to sell a home that has been saved by Saving Homes. They have full rights to their homes and can make choices such as keeping, selling, renting, and more.

If someone doesn't meet the criteria, there are other options beyond our charity. All they have to do is fill out the Apply Form, and we'll assist in connecting them with resources that can provide solutions.

In an indirect manner, yes, but not explicitly. To guarantee the proper utilization of your donations, all contributions are channeled directly to the bank in order to prevent foreclosure.

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2 kids (ages 3, 7)

Asheville, NC

$5000 still needed
155 days until foreclosure
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Single Mom

1 kid (age 11)

Charlotte, NC

$500 still needed
1 week until foreclosure
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Single Dad

3 kids (ages 1, 4, 6)

Asheville, NC

$750 still needed
1 week until foreclosure
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Single Mom

2 kids (ages 9, 11)

Wilmington, NC

$1000 still needed
13 days until foreclosure
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*These homes and single-parent families, including the funds and days until foreclosure, are notional examples of the homes and families we support. Due to privacy laws and sensitivities to the individuals and families, we cannot show actual cases in our program.